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Welcome to Northern Coatings, Inc., (NCI) industrial painting and sandblasting

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Our goal is to provide quality service that consistently exceeds your expectations; maintaining constant awareness of the safety and environmental regulations under which Northern Coating, Inc. (NCI) operates.

Northern Coatings Inc. (NCI) management has 75+ years of combined experience in the industrial painting and sandblasting industry. NCI has earned the reputation for high quality workmanship and outstanding customer relations. The management and production crews strive to provide our customers with excellence and guarantee the best service possible.

Northern Coatings Inc. has extensive experience in applying specialized coatings to tank interiors and exteriors, high temp coatings to vessels, structural steel, piping, draglines, and other heavy equipment. Our references from this sector include many large corporations from power plants, oil refinery's, pipelines, and coal mining facilities. NCI prides itself on having the knowledge, manpower and equipment to meet the challenges of extending the life of such structures and equipment.

Specialty Coatings, Inc. (SCI) is a subsidiary of Northern Coatings Inc., specializing in industrial floor and roof coatings. SCI’s customers have new or existing structures with floor surfaces that need to be restored or coated. In addition, SCI provides superior roof coatings that not only restore and lengthen the service life of the roof, but also enhance heating and cooling of the building. 

NCI and SCI regard safety and training as a top priority. Our crews receive ongoing training to meet the requirements and standards set forth by the governing jurisdictions.
Northern Coatings Inc.
1539 W. Cavalry Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504

Incorporated - January 8, 1993

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